What Is Network Marketing?

Network marketing is generally a way to spread information about a product.  For instance, you tell your friends, they tell their friends, and so forth.  Network marketing allows you to get paid for all of these referrals.

Multi-level marketing is an offshoot of network marketing.  Generally, multi-level marketing is a compensation structure where you get paid for product sales you make, and product sales that people you refer make, and product sales people they refer make… and so forth.  The compensation structure of a multi-level marketing program lays out exactly what you get paid for each sale.

Unlike affiliate marketing, network marketing compensation will start out very small but grow to an indefinite size over time.  Affiliate marketing depends on the efforts of only one person: you.  Network marketing depends on the efforts of many people.

We use both affiliate marketing and network marketing as part of SplashPlan.com.  Affiliate marketing allows you to make quick income from services and training sales.  Network marketing allows you to earn long-term residual income.

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