Reasons Not To Post Your Network Marketing Program Publicly

In this post I will detail the reasons not to post your program publicly.  For instance, if you are an Avon representative, there’s nothing wrong with that… so why not tell the world?  Here are the reasons that does not have you post your program publicly:

1. Some network marketing companies forbid you posting their name publicly, or have special rules for online promotion

Our network marketing company requires a disclaimer to be posted on all of our public pages, but some companies outright forbid online marketing.  We make it easy to promote yourself online without publicly announcing your program by only showing your program to people who sign up first.  We believe this should prevent compliance problems with your network marketing company… However, if we run into problems, we may need to change.  We shall see.

2. You are trying to attract existing network marketing distributors

It is much easier to sell joining a particular network marketing program rather than selling the idea of network marketing.  Existing distributors already believe in the dream so you no longer need to sell it to them.  If you put your program out there publicly, existing network marketers will have a preconceived notion of what is all about and will probably avoid signing up.

While we are trying to attract existing network marketers, we do not actively try to make them change… That would repel them.  Instead, we offer our help with the site or with whatever the new member might need help with.  Sell your usefulness to them without pitching your program and you’re more likely to bring them into your group in the future.

3. It’s not important that new members join your network marketing program

Network marketing programs are generally slow to build but generate residual income.  While it’s great when somebody joins, your effort is for the long term, not short term.  For the short term, you must either generate product sales or affiliate sales… and helps out with that by offering training to members who join directly with you.  You earn affiliate income, which is more immediate, whenever anybody buys the paid training or other products.

While this is not residual income, it is income that will help to pay for advertising or other expenses while you are building the residual income of your network marketing program.

Note also that you may earn affiliate income on more than one level of members if a member under you chooses not to join the affiliate programs, or all the affiliate programs.  You earn on everybody under you until somebody under you overrides the affiliate links.

Make sure to let me know if you have any questions… or post if you have any other reasons not to post your network marketing program publicly.

Note that our network marketing program is out there publicly on the internet but we don’t publicly show it on  We are moving to as a platform but we are winding down our other efforts.

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