What is a URL or Website Address?

A URL is a synonym or shortened version of Uniform Resource Locator.  It can be a website address… which is usually what I am asking for when I say provide a URL.  Here is a link to the definition on Wikipedia:


The link above is a URL and starts with http://  In most browsers you can also copy the URL of the current page your on by highlighting the address bar, right clicking, and copying it (a menu will drop down when you right click it).

You may also see a URL or website address start with https://  The “s” in this case represents a page on a secure server or the secure version of the page (often you can load it with or without the s).  Other URLs that are not website addresses include mail: and ftp:  mail: represents an email address and ftp: represents an ftp location (file transfer protocol).

Why is all of this important?  If I ask for a URL or website address and you just put “bob’s website”, that doesn’t work too well… neither would splashplan.com because it doesn’t indicate it’s a web address without the http://   …   so when I link to it, it just appends to the current web page location (append means it sticks it on the end).

In addition, to be a web marketer, we must understand web terminologies…. so I hope I’ve taught you a couple new ones tonight.  You will need to use a full URL each time you want some other website to link to your page.  You use them in HTML a lot.  (HyperText Markup Language)  You can use HTML in classified ads to display a picture or make your text look different than normal (colors, bold, italics, underline, etc).  HTML is good to know along with what a URL is.

I’ve been around a while so URLs, website addresses, and HTML (as well as PHP) are mostly second nature to me… so I apologize if I sound too snarky about it… I know beginners need to know the basics of being online as well as the more advanced stuff, so here is my attempt to help out the internet with more information on the same things.  Don’t believe me?  Google search it…

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