Using To Sponsor New Distributors

Generally, is based on attraction marketing.  The idea that you first offer value to people, then they may join your group.  The more value (free value) you offer them, the more they are likely to join your group.  But this is no guarantee.  In fact, if you push your opportunity too hard on them they are likely to run.  So what do you do?

Our website is about a prospect promoting their opportunity, so we are looking for existing network marketing distributors.  From there, you and we give them as much value as possible, by being there for them, offering them information, giving good features and benefits, all for free.  If they want to join your network marketing opportunity, that is completely up to them.  No arm twisting here, just great value.

So people may join you but most will not, similar as if you went out and did recruiting directly.  Some will join but most will not.  But guess what?  If you do direct recruiting, all those prospects that don’t join are gone.  With, you can make some current income when those distributors that don’t join you buy a service or training program offered through the web site.  Our goal, in fact, is to pay for our advertising with current income from affiliate programs.  If we can do it for ourselves, we can do it for you… get it?

So your job is to just connect with other network marketers, who join, who may or may not join your program… either way it’s cool.  Just be there for them, offer them as much value as possible.  Be a SplashPlan member, not a whatever company distributor.

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