Have The Courage To Try The Impossible

Have you ever thought “This is too big for me, it is just impossible…”  Well it’s not.  The bigger your thinking, the greater the outcomes.  Even if you don’t achieve your goal, you will achieve greater things than you ever thought possible.

To my kids I put it like this: Make big goals so that when you fall short, you will still have achieved a lot!  The bigger the better.  Believe there is nothing you cannot do, because generally there isn’t.

Now I may have a tinge of negativity in my sayings.  Like falling short.  Here is what I will say about that… Often you set off in a direction with a destination in mind, and somewhere along the way you learn about a great destination within a day’s drive.  Your original destination may be miles and days, and you’re not quite sure if it’s even there.  But this other destination is closer, you know it’s there, and you can return to your path once you’ve visited.

Always be on the lookout for opportunities even as you pursue your goal.  You never know, you may find something even greater… but if you hadn’t started in the direction of your big goal, you would have never found this other opportunity.  So keep your eyes open!

Opportunities pass us by every day.  Most of the time we don’t recognize them, but if you tune yourself to them, you’ll see them.

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