How Not To Get Bogged Down In The Products

In my network marketing company, our products are great.  I know you’ve heard this before… but our products are so good that they sell to consumers at a good price.  Trouble is, to sell, you must carry inventory and that is a risk.  Why must you carry inventory?  If you offer an item for sale, such as on Amazon or eBay, you must have the item in your possession or the company may go out of stock and you can’t get it.  For months.

Because our products are so good, the opportunity is great.  But that is no reason to sell the products to the end customer… it is a reason to bring in more good distributors.  Who will bring in more distributors.  And all will buy the products for themselves.  Why can’t we just live the dream?

Unfortunately too many distributors think they can’t sell the opportunity until they first sell the product.  But I’m telling you that you’ll blow your opportunity to sell the opportunity if you get bogged down in selling the product.  It takes your focus away from where it should be.

So follow these steps to avoid getting sidetracked by product sales:

  • Always lead with the opportunity to build a good business with your company
  • Avoid recruiting “sales people”.  Recruit business builders instead
  • Never carry more stock than you personally need for the next month
  • Build any promotional campaign to target new distributors

Let me know if this helps… Do you have any other suggestions?

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