What Are The Basic Principles for SplashPlan.com?

Ultimately SpashPlan.com is meant to make you money online.  But we are also looking for a few other factors:

  • Great features
  • Super useful
  • Solid execution – bug free
  • Excellent value

We want to be a free service first of all.  We do not charge for anything.  We do link to sites that charge for various services – but our service is free for all features.

We are a bit basic at this point but we have some excellent features in the works.  If possible, we are going to make it so you don’t have to go elsewhere and pay for things.

We keep you organized by providing daily reminders of things to do.  While SplashPlan.com doesn’t build your business for you, it reminds you to perform simple activities.

We provide training, free of charge when possible.  There are many great resources out there on the internet that are free of charge and we organize them for you in our resources section.  We also allow user voting so the best resources show on the top of the resource page.

We are working on the following features for the future:

  • Automated suggestion box – shows status and responses to your suggestions
  • SplashPlan.com downline list and statistics
  • Contact management and collection
  • User forums to share information
  • Multi-user support (more than one person can work with your data)
  • Email and mail (labels) follow up
  • Private store fronts – show and sell products to other members

Many of these features are already in use by my company but are not quite ready for everyone’s use.

We are really serious about making this a great, and continually free, system.

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