How does help me recruit for my network marketing program? allows you to sponsor others as SplashPlan members… but ultimately how that puts new distributors into your network marketing program is as follows:

1. Some people will join without a network marketing program.  Their first choice for a program will come from their sponsor, but they could choose another program.

2. Some people will join and have a network marketing program.  This will put you in touch with people who already believe in this kind of business… and if someday they decide to make a change, they will think of you first.

While adding to your program may be a little slow through these methods, you will get great people.  You will also earn affiliate income through our training products in the mean time.  Make sure to override them with your affiliate links.

Your biggest goal with should be to provide your downline with the best service possible so that they will hold you in high regard when they talk to their friends or when they think of making a change.

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