Will The End Of The World Hurt Your Business?

I love bizarre headlines as you can see.  So many people are predicting the end of the world now, I thought I’d take a look at the impact to your business of reading these things, believing these things, and what this information means to you.  It is entertaining to consider the end of the world, so see if the information below makes sense:

Can The World Really End?

The answer is yes.  The world can really end.  The world really will end.  But when?  That is the real question.  The most likely possibility is that the world will not end any time soon.  Now I believe in the Bible and many people interpret the Bible as saying the world will end within the lifetimes of those who see Israel reformed, and it has reformed in our lifetime.  So could we see the rapture and torment on the Earth?  Sure, it’s possible.  If you need to get your house in order then do so, but you cannot depend on these events to happen this year, next, or next decade.  If you do, you will lose out, I guarantee it.

Things usually happen in God’s way and in God’s time.  I mean, who could have believed that the Middle East would become civil war with their people seeking Democracy?  This could really be a game changer for the world, for the positive.  This could seriously delay all of the bad things predicted…

Information On The Internet Is Crap

Being an internet junky myself, I have read about Planet X, the Mayan Prophesies, Pole Reversal, and many other doom and gloom scenarios.  It’s all crap people.  Bad information that people sell to you to make a buck, further their own interests, or simply because they are friggin nuts.  Anybody can write anything on the internet and people will read it, and some will believe it.  There is no proof of anything, proof is not required.  So this information is bad information and should not be trusted.

What Can You Do About It?

If the worst case scenario happened, whatever it is, what can you do about it?  If there is nothing productive that can be done, you have an obligation to go to work, build your business, volunteer, or whatever you do on a daily basis to be productive.  I am certainly not going to stock pile shotguns and canned goods when I can spend that money more productively in other ways.  If the worst case scenario happens, it won’t matter anyway, nothing will help.

Now for those things you can do that will help, I think that’s fine.  For instance, if a fire could destroy your computer you owe it to yourself to have off-site backups.  If you’re worried about water getting into your basement, have a good sump pump.  If you’re worried about bad storms, make sure to have insurance.  These kinds of things are only common sense.

People Have Set Dates For The Past Two Millenium

There have been many, many people who predicted the end of the world or Christ’s return for the past two thousand years, and guess what?  They’ve all been wrong.  Although still possible, the most likely scenario is that the people who are setting dates today are also wrong.  Regardless of what happens, it is still in your benefit to have a 5 year plan and work to make it a reality.  Many bad things have derailed people with 5 year plans, not just the end of the world, but people pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and try again.

I still do dangerous things.  I drive to work.  I fly from place to place.  I cross the street.  My world could end any moment from an accident or illness, but you have to live your life like it couldn’t happen.  That’s the only way to win.

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  • Hi Brian,
    Mayans predicted that world will end in 2012. That is the time my car loan ends as well … crap!!!! ;)) Could have been better.

    I seriously do not believe in these world ending theories. The world is going to be alive till I am alive. The day I am dead, world dies with me 😉
    I enjoyed reading your post

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