Deepwater Horizon: Lessons From The Gulf Oil Disaster

Deepwater Horizon - Smaller Rig in HoustonThere were a lot of mixed messages in the past year about the Gulf Of Mexico disaster of the Deepwater Horizon. I want to highlight what I believe the lessons should be:

We are human, we make mistakes

Even with a perfect plan, imperfect humans will make mistakes. We will think the rules don’t apply to us. We will think the risks are less than they actually are.

There is no such thing as infallible or unsinkable

We as humans produce nothing that cannot be destroyed. We should have learned this from the Titanic, the Exxon Valdez, and Chernobyl.

The Deepwater Horizon disaster could have been much worse

Without skimmers and all kinds of technological help, the disaster could have been much, much worse. Thank God for the lessons of the past.

The disaster was much worse than we know

There is all kinds of unseen oil and tarballs still washing up onto the shores. We may have destroyed tons of sea life and ruined the past times of countless fishermen and others who depend on the Gulf for their living. The economy of the area may never be the same.

It will happen again

As long as we thirst for oil, we will drill deeper and deeper, and go to places where the ecology cannot handle an oil spill. We will repeat this disaster because there is no way to prevent it from happening again.

It is time to change

Why not put us on a path to renewable energy that will sustain us? Why not make us less dependent on oil, foreign or domestic? It’s time to take us away from dirty oil and nuclear energy, and towards energy that won’t harm us or bankrupt us.

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Note: This article was updated on 4/12/2017 to include the CNN article and added a photo.  This photo was taken in Galveston, TX of the OceanStar oil rig museum (no it is not the Deepwater Horizon).

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