Celebrity Meltdowns: What You Can Learn From Charlie Sheen

People acting crazy is not news.  But people that are famous and wealthy acting seriously crazy is.  People love watching this train wreck we call Charlie Sheen because it shows us that famous and wealthy people also have flaws and problems.  And lately it has been “What did he say today?  He is really whacked!”  It just doesn’t end.  No wonder his publicist dumped him.  And his ex-wife took away the kids.  The guy has just lost it in so many ways.

Although Charlie Sheen is have severe personal problems and really shouldn’t be speaking in public, here is the Charlie Sheen recipe for drumming up publicity:

1. You must be wealthy, successful, and famous generally.  You could also be your basic nutball that runs afoul of the law.

2. You must act like you’re out of your mind publicly.  Many celebrities go through meltdowns privately and avoid the publicity, but you must be a nutball publicly to get the media attention.

3. You must bite the hand that feeds you, really hard.  Charlie Sheen is on the #1 comedy and makes $1.8 million an episode to be himself.  How can you bite the hand that feeds you any harder?

4. You must do really weird stuff that makes no sense.  Doing things that are bizarre but can be explained doesn’t work.

5. You must do drugs (I will accept alcohol) and have all kinds of bimbos unashamedly.

Will Charlie Sheen’s image be tarnished?  As I have said before, if you sell yourself as something and the world finds out the reality is different, you’re in trouble.  Charlie Sheen has the image similar to his character on Two and a Half Men.  The things he’s doing will not impact this image and he’ll be as famous or more in the future.  If he can get his act together, his career should be fine… just like Robert Downey Jr.

As company CEO, we really want to avoid all of these problems.  We don’t want our stockholders to abandon us because we’re crazy, so if you’re going to be crazy, be crazy in private.  Publicity is nice, but our image does matter a bit more than Charlie Sheen’s does.  We’re not trying to be something we’re not but we also don’t want people to lose confidence in us.  It is generally a good idea to have a check-and-balance person who second guesses you on occasion, just to make sure you’re holding it together.  Stress can sometimes play with your mind so make sure to work with others.

News is only news if it is different.  If you are trying to get publicity with news releases or personal appearances, giving out information that is truly new can give you an edge in getting free publicity.  Although Charlie Sheen is doing things we’ve seen before in Mel Gibson, Robert Downey Jr, and Brittney Spears, it is his semi-functional insanity which is so different.  He gets along ok in life dispite his twisted views of things.  So different is important.

How have you gotten free publicity for your business?

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