The Root Of All Evil

The love of money is the root of all evil.  I hope that doesn’t mean my coin collection.  I kinda like it.  As far as the saying goes, it feels like we are supposed to be poor.  Like we aren’t supposed to want things in our life.  Like going into business is the worst evil we can do.  I am here to tell you that wanting to be in business and make money is not evil.  Wanting to have things is not evil.  But to want at all costs probably is.  If you’re hurting people, your community, or the world to make money, then you are probably not doing the right things.

We go into business to make a profit.  If you’re not making a profit you are what we call a not-for-profit, as in a charity.  Businesses must make a profit otherwise they are losing money, which is not a good thing.  You can keep your profit low if you like, but then you’re not serving your shareholders’ best interests.  If you’re a one owner company and that owner is you, you can keep your profit to a minimum and not hurt anyone, sure.  But if you are creating value for your customers and are not scalping them, having a profit is just fine.

Going into business is a noble thing.  You are generally serving your customers, paying your employees a paycheck, and giving your shareholders dividends.  So you are helping many people, including yourself.  Having an abundance is ok.  It is also nice to turn around and help others with your abundance.  If your only aim in life, though, is money and the things it can buy then you may find yourself in bad situations.  And I think that is what the saying is referring to: That money is not evil, but some of the things that people do for money is evil.

Is greed really a good thing?  How would we define greed?  I would say that somebody is greedy if they are never thankful for what they have and they want more and more all the time.  Being an unhappy person no matter what you have is not a good thing.  Sometimes you have to stop and consider how fortunate you are.  There also has to be a point where enough is enough.  Nobody needs more than one or two places to live, more than one or two cars, a closet full of shoes, or multitudes of adult toys.  There has to be a point where what you have is enough.

Personally I am happy with what I have and I’m sure I’ll be just fine, but I like the independence that my own business gives me.  I want it to grow so I can take care of a few debts and leave something to my children.  But if I lived at the same lifestyle for the rest of my life I would be just fine with that.

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