Is It All About Stamina?

You are a long-distance runner. How do you win the race? Mainly by not dying before you cross the finish line. In business, you are also a long-distance runner. The difference is that you don’t know how long the race is and if there even is a finish line, but if you get there you will be one of the few to make it. Many rewarding past times are similar, such as Texas Hold-em or even the lottery. For the lottery, you just have to buy a ticket a week for 170 million weeks. That’s all. In Texas Hold-em, which is poker, you can generally play forever if you are conservative. You do have to be bold every once in a while to win a pot, and you could go out at that moment, but otherwise you just play and play. Eventually you will be at the last table. Then you might be one of five. If you can keep from passing out in your chair you might just win.

With all of this I just want you to know that if you have a good vision and plan but you give up too early, you still fail. But how long should you hang in there? Often you have to hang in until there is no hope. If you give up when you hit the first negative person, you might as well not go into business. Because people will think you are crazy, nuts, when you first start out. Get beyond this you might just get established. But every rung you climb up the ladder makes you wonder how long the ladder is. Is there an end? Will success ever come? Can I keep climbing? You will keep being tested and tested again, and when you think you can’t go on you’ll be tested some more. You have to believe in yourself and your vision, and keep moving.

I urge you to keep up the good fight as long as you can, until you believe your vision is no longer sensible. Ask yourself: Does my vision make sense? Has anything changed? If nothing has changed, what makes you think your vision doesn’t make sense? You may just need more time to make your dream a reality. You may need more money than you originally thought to get it going. Recalculate your return on investment based on your new reality. Is the return still worth it?

Please let me know how things worked out for you. Was it easy to get started? Was it hard? What made it so hard and how did you persevere?

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