What Is Motivation Without Skills?

Be positive! Try harder! Work longer! Be agressive! Wind yourself up and what do you get? A lot more of the same thing. Not selling? More not selling. Not growing? More not growing. Spinning your wheels? Faster spinning. Beating your head against a brick wall? More headaches. Wondering what’s wrong with you?

Let’s take a break from being worked up today and develop some skills. Don’t just do something harder, learn how to do it smarter. And once you get your skills down, motivate yourself like crazy! You know what though? You aren’t going to have to wind yourself up, your results will motivate you. Perhaps getting to that first yes through all the no’s may need a bit of motivation, but that first yes will energize you!

There are plenty of great books that will teach you the nuts and bolts of selling, recruiting, managing a business, or whatever your dream is… make sure you get a good source. Ask professional sales people who they would read and they’ll tell you. Or find somebody else that does what you want to do and ask them who to read.

So yes, we probably need some motivation… but we also need the skills to back our motivation so that we’re not just doing the same ineffective tasks harder. We need to be smarter too. Who is your favorite author and what did they teach you?


  • I really liked where you were going with this in the first 3 paragraphs but you lost in me in the last one. My fav author?

    Please beef this post up cause I really like the first bit…!

    What is skill without motivation? 😉

  • Brian E. Satterlee

    Hi Riaz,

    Since you liked the post so much (at least the first three paragraphs), I’m going to revisit the post in the near future and expound on it… plus I’ll do a little research and include it. I am on vacation right now so this will have to wait a bit.

    I thank you for the honest comment.


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