Mud-Slinging And Other Political Mistakes

I saw a ton of mud slinging in the past week as the elections wrapped up.  “My oppoent is doing or will do this wrong…”  I mean, come on, don’t you know the one major rule of advertising?  You don’t advertise for your competitor by mentioning them.  Most people are smart enough to look beyond the rhetoric and see what is really going on.  And some people will vote for the name they hear the most.  So you have to find some way to promote yourself without comparing yourself to your opponent.

It’s soooo easy to fire back if you’re attacked though.  As hard as it is, you need to continue to promote yourself without directly responding to the mud-slinging sent your way.  Sure, you can indirectly respond to accusations.  But never, ever sling mud back.  Again, you are promoting your opponent at that point and you are making yourself look bad.

Politics in this way plays a roll in business also.  You are attacked by a competitor and you need to respond.  But before you do, take a look at Honda.  Never do they mention a competitor in their advertisements, even though other car companies mention them.  In this kind of an advertisement the other car companies are saying, without meaning to, that Honda is a car worth comparing ours too.  It creates an interest in Honda.  And by not mentioning competitors in Honda’s commercials, Honda is saying that they are beyond compare… that there is nothing like them.

The thing I’ve also noticed about the politics last week is how freekin much money is being spent for advertisements.  Each contender is trying to outdo the other.  I think they would do much better cutting back to a reasonable amount of advertising and let their opponent sling mud at them.  I am not a political specialist, maybe you need to sling a little mud to get elected, but I can tell you that you can’t really buy votes, you have to work for them.  Just like you have to work for customers.  Advertising does have a point of diminishing returns so you might be able to do better with less.

Personally, I’d love to see a contest where politicians have good original ideas that make sense.  Wouldn’t you?

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