Is Get Rich Quick A Myth?

Once upon a time we had a business that went from $0 to over $15,000 in monthly commissions in about 2 years.  You are probably saying to yourself that we spent a bunch of money to make that happen.  Nope, we didn’t.  In fact, we spent almost nothing… just had our web site.  We did have to react to requests from customer and distributor prospects with materials that did cost money.  But mostly the business we were getting was free to us.

So this means that there really is such a thing as getting rich quick?  Well, if you call 2 years quick.  And I can tell you from personal experience that this amount of money does not feel rich… it feels ok.  It takes away some of the worry.  But it is not rich.  It’s not like winning millions in the lottery or getting a jackpot at the casino.

How was this possible to go from $0 to $15,000 per month without spending tons?  Money like this does come at a cost to somebody.  The cost was the advertising our vendor was doing.  We were benefiting greatly from radio spots they did in every major market in the country.  And we were there when people did web searches on Yahoo.  And we were really, really good at building web sites at a time when there weren’t many selling the same product.  So we had a competitive edge that few could catch up with.  Don’t get me wrong, some other distributors were doing much better than us.

There were other costs too with this kind of growth.  The business consumed all of our time, and all of our freedom.  We tried to handle the flood of orders and requests ourselves without hiring.  We tried to make use of distributors we sponsored to take our calls and handle some of our orders, but this didn’t always work out.  So we invested a ton of our time and gave up a lot.

In the end, what went up so quick fell like a rock.  Many people experience this with a sudden windfall, you just aren’t prepared for the ins and outs of everything you’re going to have to deal with and you make mistakes.  In our case, the mistakes were made by our vendor but they had a major impact on us, and all of the other distributors.  I often joke that the vendor caused the 2000 recession.

As far as get rich quick schemes being offered by companies out there on the internet, they are mostly looking for people to take money from.  The best idea is to look for a good, solid, long-term business.

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  • From the sounds of your experience, it seems like your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) became exhausted as the market became saturated.

    It is always difficult to find a new USP because it’s like starting a business all over again.

    But the foundation and experience built from one windfall definitely sets one up for another in the future.

    I would agree with the ultimate answer to your question. As the blog of the same name says, you can only ‘get rich slowly’ (.org?).

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