Take Action

There is nothing wrong with a little analysis.  Until it becomes analysis paralysis.  Ultimately, in the end, you must take some sort of action.  A decision not made is a decision made for you.

This is especially important when you are trying to decide what direction your company should take.  If you have employees, they are looking to you for leadership.  You set the direction and communicate it to the troops.  They execute their job functions to push the company in that direction.  Lack of leadership usually means that nothing gets done.

If you are just starting your own business, you may have several different business options you are considering.  My advice?  Take action and set off in a direction.  If it is the wrong direction, you start over with a new opportunity.  Taking weeks, months, or years to make a decision means that you don’t start a business for that long and you could be spending the time learning.  Yes, there is some expense to making mistakes and setting off in the wrong direction, but indecision can be far more costly.

Spend some time doing research about what your choices are, which ones have merrit, and any other information you find pertinent, but give yourself a deadline for making a decision.  Then take action!  Do your dream!  Go for it!

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