Have The Courage To Do Something Dumb

This is a line from a Montgomery Gentry song that’s pretty popular right now, check out http://www.ourcountryroad.com/montgomery-gentrys-new-single-while-youre-still-young/.  It says to have the courage to do something dumb, while you’re still young.  And, oh, by the way, we’re all still young.  But the thing is, as we get older we build walls because we create our own little reality.  Anything that falls outside of that reality is in error.  Younger people in their teens and 20’s tend to accept that there are many realities out there and might be willing to go out on a limb to find a better one.  But their good-meaning parents tend to want to protect them from the pain of falling on their face, and help them build walls.

Not everyone that goes for a dream is going to be successful.  That is true.  But some will.  And it’s worth taking the chance at the risk of falling on your face because you don’t get a second shot at life.  What if you could be a famous singer?  An A list actor?  CEO of a major corporation?  President of the United States?  What if you try your hardest for a dream and don’t make it?  At least you had the adventure of trying.  You have something to talk to your kids and grandkids about.  It’s worth it to try if just for the adventure.

Now we do have responsibilities and if you have kids and a mortgage, you probably want to really think about your risks in setting out on an adventure… That’s why it’s tougher later in life, and why it’s better to take your chance at a younger age.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t go for a dream as an older person, it just means that your sacrifice is going to be much greater… and you are going to have to consider that.

So have the courage to do something dumb.  Something that breaks down the walls you have built.  Pursue your dream.  Dreams can become realities!

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