My Greatest Problem

I work during the day 9 to 5
Watch TV in the evening, sometimes play some ball
My weekends are running my little girl around
How can I do more when I already give my all?

I see my friend over there from high school
He’s got a little business on the edge of town
He plays softball with us on Thursday nights
Otherwise he’s real busy and I never see him around

In fact I know he squeezes a lot into every day
He has a calendar and a secretary to help him get through the chase
And business is really booming I’ve got to say
You can see the change in him by the smile on his face

He works hard, he plays hard
He puts his fear upon a shelf
And I know I could do the same thing
But my greatest problem is myself

You see I know there’s some risks to his crazy life
And I know I’m going to have to sacrifice my comfortable little world
I may not be able to see my favorite shows on television
But what will I say someday to my little girl?

Do I tell her that hard work is rarely rewarded
And that her dreams will never become reality?
Or do I show her that you can do whatever your passion is
So maybe I can change myself and then she’ll see

Me work hard, and play hard
Put my fear upon a shelf
Show her she can do the same thing
No longer will my greatest problem be myself

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