Pickin Up – Poetry Saturday

I’m so happy with my little guy
But when he plays do the toys fly
He’s finally getting to be old enough
I can point my finger to the pile of stuff

And he’s picking up, pickin up
The toys go into the box again
Till the next time and I point to them
And he’s pickin up

Last week Thursday garbage day I thought
So I put the junk out on the curb but not
The boxes had to be broken down and tied
And another week went by

Before they were pickin up, pickin up
I guess I got to understand the rules
Spend the time to do it right you fool
So they get picked up

Last year was a horrible year for business
I thought they would repossess my kids
But this week I got a wonderful surprise
Sold some work and right before my eyes

It’s pickin up, pickin up
I guess the economy gets better no fear
You have to wonder after the destruction last year
Now it’s pickin up

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