Burn Out Is A Killer

We are all human, so the idea that we can eat, work, and sleep is just outrageous, as well as detrimental to our business.  Some of the biggest business deals, in fact, happened over a round of golf.  Having nothing to talk about but your business makes Johnny a very dull boy.  So you’ve got to take time and recharge.  If you’re like me, every spare dime is going into your business so spending money to do stuff may be out of the question.  So we need to find an activity to do that doesn’t cost a lot and gets our mind off of business.  Here are just a few ideas:

1. Exercise

I am not one to do much exercise… but I have been known to take long walks, hit the punching bag, or lift a few weights. Time away from our business exercising eases some of the stress and really is not that expensive if done right.  You don’t need to buy fancy exercise equipment, just walk… or do push ups.  You can watch T.V. and do the twist.  Just do something.

2. Draw or Paint

I have painted a couple of pictures to get my mind off of things.  It costs just a little to do drawings or paintings, and if you’re mind is as detail oriented as mine, it gets your mind completely off of anything else.  Now you’re not trying to be Picasso, you’re just trying to do something different.

3. Play a musical intrument

I have my guitars around and I will play on occasion.  My daughter Chelsey is the professional though.  She plays a lot.  She is getting really good too.  If you have an instrument around a little practice will get your mind off of your work and be an interesting past time.

4. Yell at your children

Just joking there… although kids, especially teenagers, can be a little difficult at times.  I guess the point is to do something with them that they like, especially if you can’t think of anything else to do.  They can come up with a lot of interesting things that cost money, but maybe they can also think of something that doesn’t cost so much to do.  Have a picnic out with your children!

5. Have a date night with your spouse

When was the last time you went out with your significant other?  Maybe it’s about time.  Have dinner, go to a movie, or if you have a few bucks do the casino.  I have a couple of restaurants that I really like and I can’t go there alone.  You could also do something a little more unusual like visit a Sybaris.  (Google it)

6. Read a good book

You could read The Good Book or perhaps some fiction.  I say fiction because I’m a big reader of self-help and how-to books.  Read for the pure joy of reading, not to learn how to do something else.  Have some quiet time with a book and don’t give up when your mind starts going elsewhere.  Just reread the parts where you spaced off and keep on trying.  If the book is good enough it will get and keep your attention.

7. Advanced: Take a leap

To do these kinds of activities you may have to spend a few bucks.  You could take a vacation to someplace adventurous.  You could bungee jump.  You could learn to fly an airplane.  I actually did take flying lessons at one time… It helped me overcome my fear of flying commercially and it was a good, but expensive, past time.  I gave it up partially because my wife would not go up with me.  I’m looking at boating now.

The main thing you try to accomplish with the taking a leap activities is doing something completely new.  Doing something that challenges your fears.  It is definitely a good way to get your mind off business.

Good luck to you in finding activities.  Make sure to spend a couple hours a week or more doing something away from work/business.  It’s important to your mental and physical health.

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