So You Have No Money To Start A Business?

When people think of starting a business, they think of investing money and time for a future return. Is it possible to start a business with no money at all? Anything is possible with a little imagination.

Imagine that you are going to get a job. You interview for the job and get it. Then you start your job and you get your paycheck a little later. This is classic business. You are selling your time for money. You can also sell your time for money in a business. This is called temping or consulting. You find a person or company with a need and you sell them your services: time in return for money.

What kind of services can you sell? Think like a teenager for a moment.  You could deliver papers. You could mow lawns. You could babysit. Now think about what special skills you have. Can you paint? Build furniture or walls? Fix small electronics? Do you have computer skills you can teach people? You are only really limited by your imagination.

Maybe you could sell things you own to raise money. Rather than starting without money, you could sell some of your belongings to raise money.  Do you own bonds?  Do you collect coins?  Do you have an LP collection?  Do you have musical instruments you don’t use?  Do you have unused sports equipment?

You can drop ship or sell on consignment. Many companies allow individuals to sell their products and drop ship to the customer, or even loan goods out to be sold.  Some companies have catalogs you can show customers and then order with their credit card, or get paid first then order.

You can market online for free. You can often get free web space and free advertising on the internet, then market as an affiliate for other companies.  You probably will not make a lot of money right away but you can make money with just your time, a computer, and an internet connection.  If you have no computer or internet connect, you are probably not reading this.  However, the library does offer computers with internet if you are lacking.

That’s about all I can think of at this moment, but there are probably other avenues you can follow.  Just use your imagination and who knows what you can come up with.

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