Got A Good Idea But I Can’t Get No Money – Poetry Saturday

by Brian Satterlee

Hey Buddy, can you spare a dime
I got this idea and I think it’s time
To get out there and sell while it’s still sunny
It’ll take a little dough to get it off the ground
I’ve been looking for a loan, there’s none to be found
Ya I’ve got a good idea but I can’t get no money

Can’t get no dough can’t get no cash
I’d borrow from myself if I had a stash
I’d get down on my knees, this drought’s no longer funny
There’s not an investor in this town
If there are they can’t be found
Yes I’ve got a good idea, but I can’t get no money

Been a century since The Great Depression
But I’ve got to give you a humble concession
It’s hard to start a business without, when I used to have plenty
Just again today I was turned away
It’s the banker’s job, don’t know what to say
But I have a good idea and I can’t get no money

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