Some Other Things That I Like – Poetry Saturday

by Brian E. Satterlee

Taking walks in the park with your hand in mine
The long evening talks when we’re feeling fine
Getting to the top on a challenging hike
These are just some of the things I like

I know it might seem work is always on my mind
And my blogging in the evening when I’m way behind
They are a means to an end not a reason to fight
It’s only one small part of what I like

I liked golfing with you the other day
Calling you up and saying hey
Driving out to my mom’s and dad’s house
Thanksgiving turkey and Mickey Mouse
A day without sun just doesn’t seem right
These are some other things, that I like

Starting up a new business just takes some time
But I don’t see forever as a 5 to 9
Sometimes I can take a break and break out the bike
Riding with you is one thing I like

I liked holding your hand the other day
When your dad said grace and we all would pray
I know there’ll come a day when we’ll be alone
It’ll be quiet when the kids are all grown
I know we’ll need each other and it wouldn’t be right
If my business, was the only thing that I like

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