What Is Your Yacht?

I have a subscription to Yachting Magazine, as well as Money. Most of the Money Magazine articles are online so I often read them before I get my monthly subscription, but I still scan it for something interesting I missed.  As far as Yachting goes, they stack up for months before I read them.  I think it is that I love to look at the pictures but most of the time I don’t like to dream so big.  Still, every once in a while I go through the magazines for the past few months and just look at the pictures.  They have interesting articles but it’s just too much for me to read at the end of a day so I just look at the pictures and marvel at the prices.  How can anyone afford something so expensive?  And not just so expensive to buy but to operate and maintain?

So why do I torture myself with such a big dream?  Well, I figure I might just be able to afford it someday if I work hard enough.  And then I realize that no matter how hard I work I will never be able to afford such a luxury.  But, if I work smart enough I just might.  Ok, so what is the difference between working hard and working smart?  Working hard is chopping down a tree with an unsharpened axe.  Working smart is cutting down a tree with a chain saw.  The effort required for the chain saw is much less and accomplishes the same thing.  Still, in both examples you are cutting down just one tree.  So what if we put in the effort of the unsharpened axe but used the chain saw instead?  Then we can cut down 10 trees with the effort of axing down the one tree…

I guess what I’m saying is that you need to put in a decent amount of effort… but you need to do it in a smart way.  Ah, yes, that is the point.  To be successful at anything that is worthwhile, you need to put in your full effort day in and day out, in a smart way.  To do this, and understand that you will not get results day in and day out, you must be motivated.  Results are motivating as I have said before, but without results you must find something that motivates you to put in a full effort.

My dose of motivation is reading my Yachting magazines.  I dream someday that somehow I will earn a decent enough living that I will pay off all of my debts, retire, and buy a yacht.  Maybe not a big one, but one that you could live on.  My job will not do this for me but maybe, just maybe, my business efforts will.  So what is your yacht?

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