Crazy Town – Thank You Jason Aldean

We just got back from Nashville, Tennessee, where we learned that it’s a Crazy Town for people who want to break into the music business. My daughter is a songwriter and played her songs nightly at the different venues. We were at the Commodore one night, the Bluebird Cafe the next, and Douglas Corners the third.  Chelsey played her songs at various bars six days in a row. We learned that there are a lot of songwriters out there that are good and also want to break through and sell their songs, but there isn’t very many songs that are sold or become popular. It seems to be a modern day gold rush. And even somebody as talented as Jason Aldean gets told “no” tons of times… so many that he almost gave up. He gave himself 6 more months and then he would find a real job and support his young family. Perseverance and constant improvement is what got him his record contract…

In the world of business, very few businesses make it past the first year because of many factors.  Mostly that it takes more to get a business going than the entrepreneur thought it would.  They run out of money and time, and they have to give up.  For some success was just around the corner and they gave up too soon.  For others the business idea just did not make sense… but how do you know the difference?  About the only way is to take the pulse of your customer and potential customer, and find out what they think.  Perhaps you are just a little off and need to make some improvements.  Perhaps your idea makes no sense and you need to take a different approach.

If you’re close to breaking through, find the money somehow… sell your idea to investors who will help you make it through.  Ask a relative for help, make them your business partner.  Find some way not to give up.

For those of you who want to be a songwriter, I truly feel for you.  A great song is a combination of factors that requires talent and learned skills… If you have enough determination to be successful you will need to constantly improve yourself, network, market your songs wisely, and never give up.  Be thrilled to live in your car and chase your dream.  There are just a few nuggets of gold out there.

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