An Easter Poem – Poetry Saturday

Ok, maybe not my best work… but just trying to get into the Easter spirit.  Enjoy!

An Easter Poemby Brian Satterlee

Here comes Peter Cotton Hare
Trying to unload his Easter ware
Just a few more sales ’cause Easter’s nearly here

Peter is a business rabbit
Marketing his brand is his only habit
Three more weeks to go, better get it in gear

There goes Peter Cotton Hare
The way he sells it just isn’t fair
Hopping along his product case in toe

He takes “no” with a grain of salt
A couple more till the “yes” that’s all
There’s not a parent here he doesn’t know

Santa gives but Peter wants profit
Customers get value, he doesn’t rob em
His email is filled with fan mail all spring long

Peter’s eggs are quality filled
His baskets are hand made in Brazil
Peter’s now sold out and singing a happy song


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