Using Sex To Sell – Do Nerds Really Love Hot Blondes?

I am a computer guy, so I’ll start there. I am not the nerd I used to be, but I still love a good technical solution. And I do love GoDaddy. They have been an excellent company to do business with, much better than the domain/hosting company we had in the past. Still, I have to wonder about their commercials… If you are selling domain names, hosting, and other online services, does using sex to sell them really leap out as a marketing ploy? Well… yes. I gotta admit, their commercials are goofy but entertaining.

Sex has been used to sell all kinds of products over the years from shaving cream to lingerie to Harley Davidson Motorcycles. Men often want to believe that using a certain product will make them the envy of cute girls, if even only subconsciously. So domains by GoDaddy are the envy of really cute girls, NOT. But hey, a guy can dream.

That’s what these commercials do, they put us in the middle of a really bad porno and make us expect that the rest of life is going to be similar. Even the mundane web site, domain name, hosting, etc. products are more exciting with sex. Does it really take much creativity to think these things up? Probably not, but putting them together, sex and technology, is really a stretch… that works. The commercials and controversy worked guys. So should we do the same?

I liked GoDaddy because of their business. But I noticed GoDaddy because of their commercials. You really do need a good business model or the marketing dollars really will not pay off. Sex or no sex. And could you get the attention without the sex? Probably not, but if you put some creativity into it, who knows?

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