Entrepreneur – Poetry Saturday

I have moved my poetry day to Saturday so I can publish Dilbert on Sunday.  Here is my poem for the week:

Entrepreneur by Brian Satterlee

I started a business at home in my garage
Went from peace and quiet to a noisy barrage
I took it public last year and sold it to Microsoft
So I want to start again, this time in my loft

I got the product developed and the market’s divine
I got investors awaiting and holding on the line
My buddy’s in with me from his head to his feet
Soon once again I’ll be sittin in the CEO seat

My website is kicking and my customers love us
My competitors are in shock and I say that that’s tough
Visitors are knocking, they want the grand tour
My friends are all saying I’m an entrepreneur

So if you want a great product and be treated like royalty
Call my 800 number and you’ll see what I mean
I really like spoiling, my customers are friends
We’ll be doing an IPO soon so I can start again again

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