Self Deception – Critical Thinking Part 3

Self Deception is about believing that something is accurate when it is not.  I think it is a little more than that actually… being presented with valid evidence that your position is wrong and still refusing to give up that position. It is not unusual to deceive one’s self, we all do it.  It is important to recognize when we are doing it and be willing to face the facts.

Often you do hear all kinds of noise about this being right or that being right, and sometimes we just don’t know whether something is right or wrong, so we hold our position.  Instead of doing that, it is important to evaluate whether your position is right or wrong (if it can be proven) through independent research using good information.  Good information comes from credible sources, academic research, scientific inquiry, or primary research.  Only once we have stacked up enough evidence do we change our position, but we have to be willing to change in order to become better… whether it be a better business leader, a better spouse, or a better person in general.

Are you deceiving yourself in some way?  Make sure to review the information in the following links and decide for yourself:

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