The Small Business Man – Poetry Sunday

It’s Sunday.  And that’s my fun day.  It’s not yet manic monday.  (Alexander Nevermind *i.e. Prince* and the Bangles)  Anyway, I thought I’d try something new and write business poetry on Sunday… weekends are a little lax around here and maybe, just maybe, I can spice up the weekend.  So Here it goes:

The Small Business Man
by Brian Satterlee

Oh Lord, how about a revival
We need jobs in this country
The small business man to step up
So we can live our lives free

Free to work and raise families
Free to have our own homes
But with nothing moving in the economy
We’re out here on our own

The bigger guys have cut their payrolls
Government is looking for a freeze
Without the small business man
We will never get off our knees

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