What Is Critical Thinking?

Critical thinking is a thoughtful way of analyzing information through a variety of methods to determine the best course of action or to build a vocabulary of knowledge.  This is my own definition but there are many, many others because the idea of critical thinking is somewhat subjective.  Many people have a slightly different idea of what critical thinking is.

Mainly what we want to do with critical thinking is to figure out what is good information and what isn’t, then based upon that information give a theory of what reality is and go about trying to prove or disprove your version of reality.  We can also try to arrive at new theories based upon proven older theories.  So we try to eliminate the noise and hear clearly, perhaps for the first time.

We all have many assumptions that we believe are true based upon our cultural upbringing.  The problem is, many of our assumptions are beliefs and not facts.  If we use our beliefs and assumptions as valid data, we can fool ourselves into believing something is true when it is not.  We are not trying to disprove widely held beliefs, such as religious beliefs, we just have to understand that they may not be scientifically factual in nature where we can use them as the foundation for good decision making.  Many people, such as myself, will analyze the ethical nature of our decisions based partially upon religious beliefs, but determining what choices are valid is usually done in a more scientific manner.

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