Are You Providing Your Customers With Value?

You may look at this headline and think “I am giving my customers a good bargain”.  Value doesn’t always mean the best price.  Best price is a value, but it is not the only kind of value you can offer a customer.  You might give them extra service, like a guarantee or gift wrapping.  Your company may be the only one selling a product that is needed by many people, like a drug to cure cancer.  You might have a local distribution center or quick delivery.

Please note that if you are offering your customer or prospect no value or no additional value over other competitors, your customer will have other options and may choose to exercise those options.  So it really is important to provide value, know what value you provide, educate your customer about the value you provide, and sell your value to your prospects.

In multi-level marketing, this is exceptionally important because you have so many competitors.  In fact, you are probably recruiting for your upline without even knowing it.  For instance, if you tell a prospective distributor what your upline can do for them, you are recruiting for your upline.  You should be selling your prospect on what you can do for them, what values you offer them.  If you do not know, it is time to sit down with pencil and paper and make a list.  What skills do you have?  What services can you provide?  What kind of training do you have available?  What can you add to your list of offerings?

Here are some resources that may help:

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