Why We Moved To GoDaddy

So far, I have only written one review about another website. This time I feel very strongly and I wanted to share my opinion with you. Once upon a time we used a web/hosting company that I’ll avoid using their name. They are somewhat popular as they are advertised quite a bit. I was getting into the habit of registering domain names and pointing them to my blog. One problem is that my web company charged me for the forwarding as well as registering the domain. I really didn’t think much about that as long as it worked.

I did start running into problem where I could not forward the domain on my own and I would have to call and wait on hold for someone to help me. I had written emails but they were completely unanswered. Finally, I would get somebody and they would be able to help me. Unfortunately this would go on for each domain I would register and I got completely tired of it. So I decided to make a move.

I registered a domain with GoDaddy and it went through great. I went to their web screens and did my forward to my main domain. They set up the DNS entry and the forward was set up in just a couple of hours with no fuss and no extra charge. I was so happy with this that I’ve started moving over my other domains using their transfer. No problem with that either, except for the other hosting company. I got it worked out and most of my existing domains are now taken care of by GoDaddy.

I was so impressed with all of this that I decided to go with their WordPress hosting, which is where my blog is right now. Everything was easy to set up and I didn’t have to contact anybody for help. It all just worked.

I did have a couple of minor problems that were easily solved or answered to my satisfaction by email. No need to call, they were quick, responsive, and accurate in their responses. GoDaddy has been the absolute best to work with.

You probably know GoDaddy as the company with the goofy Superbowl commercials. The commercials really do not do the company justice, as they are as top notch as you find. Excellent to work with, excellent everything. You really cannot go wrong working with them.

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  • I am someone who follows you on Twitter under the name FelixCanHelp. Your no nonsense review of your experiences with your hosting company was appealing and informative. You gave us enough details to help us form ourvown opinions, thank you. You unwittingly resolved other unresolved questions I had about my hosting company, DomainTiger.

    Keep up your good works here and on Twitter.


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