Does Blogging Make Money?

Special Report: Does blogging make money?  This is the question on everyone’s mind these days after the Julie/Julia movie and when others are saying they make full time incomes blogging.  I have been blogging about small business and multi-level marketing now for nearly three months now and I can say that I make some money but it doesn’t cover my expenses.

My main source of income is my job and I like my job.  I also like writing and I had been looking for something to do on the side.  I wanted to teach class or consult a little, but nothing is available right now so I decided to blog.  Blogging gives me an outlet for my thoughts and is something I like to do regardless of how much I make.  Now, I wouldn’t mind making enough to cover my expenses, at least that would be a first step towards justifying all the time I spend on it, but I am also not too worried if I end up making nothing.

I am generating over 300 page requests per day now and that is truly a milestone, especially when I advertise very little.  That means that I do have an audience to sell to or to recruit.  I do not actively recruit and my selling is limited to advertising for other websites, but there is potential there.  If you are trying to build a multi-level marketing organization, blogging is an opportunity to get some eyeballs on your organization.

As far as how much money I make and where I make it from, Google Adsense is currently my biggest earner, bringing in 77 cents yesterday.  I have also made a few cents from Chitika.  I haven’t made a dime on anything else… so don’t think you’re going to get rich overnight.  If you love to write and want to get better, blog.  If you want to get rich quickly maybe the lottery is a better choice.

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