The Skill Of Selling – Part 7

Asking for the sale, or closing the sale, is simply about asking the customer to make a purchase in some way.  This relates to product sales more than recruiting, because in recruiting we want people who are self motivated, not somebody who must be asked to make the next move.  That may mean that we don’t sponsor as many people as the next guy, but people we do sponsor are motivated, hard-working distributors.  You would only care about recruiting if you are a headhunter (job recruiter) or multi-level marketing distributor.

Now back to selling a product and closing the sale… Usually in selling a product the customer needs just a little nudge at the end for a go or no go decision.  If it is no go, we are back to answering customer objections or perhaps we will just have to wait until the customer decides he or she is ready.  Otherwise, we have an order and we make the sale.  Not asking for the sale is a mistake and can lead to all kinds of bad consequences.  Perhaps the customer will shop around and find somebody who will ask for the sale… so it is important to do this at the end.

Asking for the sale can take on different forms: “Can I wrap this up for you?”, “I can offer a 10% discount if you will purchase today”, “Would you like to place an order?”.  You can use your imagination and come up with several other ways of asking that do not place too much pressure on the customer.

Here are some resources to review about asking for the sale:


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