The Skill Of Selling – Part 6

Answering objections is about working with the customer to solve the problems they truly have.  If they say they cannot afford the product, are concerned with it’s safety, don’t know if it has the features they want, or they like your product but have additional problems to solve, you are there to listen and help them through the process.  Often marketing will script sales objections with answers but you must listen to the customer so that you truly understand the nature of their problem in order to offer the best solution.

Many of the objections people would have about buying the product or buying from us, we had answers.  We also had the flexibility to tell the customer that they don’t need our product or to truly customize a solution for them.  I think that having prepared responses is great but there are often gaps that need to be filled, and a salesperson should have the flexibility to truly offer real help for any customer situation.

Please review the following resources about answering customer objections:

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