The Skill Of Selling – Part 2

The sales process is a defined set of steps involved in selling the customer your product or service.  I prefer the old mail-order model sales process:

  1. Sort and filter potential customers
  2. Deliver your mini-marketing message to your prospect
  3. Deliver a sales presentation (i.e. details of your product) to your prospect
  4. Answer any objections
  5. Ask for the sale (for product/service sales, not recruiting)
Defining your sales process allows more of your selling to be automatic rather than being random attempts.  The random attempt approach to selling is usually very frustrating, like beating your head against a brick wall hoping it will crumble.  It can lead to poor motivation or a bad attitude, which leads to more failed attempts to sell.  Having a process that you go through will lead to more success and more motivation to make sales.
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