Small Business Marketing Workshop – Part 5

By now you have done your marketing research to help you confirm or revise your answers to questions about the customers for your product. These answers will help you devise a marketing plan to describe the following:

  • Who is the customer for your product?  How big is the market?
  • Where you can find them (online, magazine, newspaper, yellow pages, etc.)  For instance, you might find people who cook reading Cooking magazine.
  • How you can appeal to your customer in your mini-marketing message, i.e. advertisement
  • How to sell the product in your sales presentation.
  • How likely they are to buy.

You may not be able to address all of these points but you do your best.  Your marketing plan is usually a big part of your business plan that you can show to potential investors or banks, so the more specific you are, the more people will feel confident investing in your company.

Your assignment for part 6 is to devise a marketing plan.  You will take the information you have and try to address the above points.  If you have additional items to add to your marketing plan, please feel free to do this.

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