Small Business Marketing Workshop – Part 1

Marketing is about figuring out who would buy your product and why.  With that information, we can develop an advertising and sales strategy.  Advertising, in this case, encompasses all methods of spreading word about your product.

So we have a product, let’s say a picture frame.  We want to find a market for picture frames and sell them.  So who would buy a picture frame?

Would a man or woman be more likely to buy a picture frame?  Would a certain income level be more likely to buy a picture frame?  Would somebody who owns a digital camera be more or less likely to buy a picture frame?  Like the last question, often questions we ask will lead to more questions.

Many of the questions we have asked may have research written about them.  Doing a google search, we can probably find all kinds of demographic data that we can use.

Your assignment for part 1 is to take your product and see what kinds of questions you can create for it.  The questions should help you narrow down the market for your product by identifying the types of people that are more likely to buy your product.

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