Multi-Level Marketing Realities – Part 4

In part 3, I talked about putting the web pages on the internet and beginning to get a trickle of prospects and customers coming from our presence on the internet.  So what were we doing right that got us sales right away?  We got a lot of benefit from the radio ads that were playing in virtually all markets in the country.  People would search the internet because they didn’t want to pay the full $45 per bottle price for the product and they ran across our page with a lower price, call, and we would send them out the product and they could send us back a check.

Others were on the internet selling the product but there was some suspicion about ordering online and using a credit card, for fear that the information could be stolen by hackers and such.  So we benefited from this fear by billing our customers for the product.  I had also asked myself some key questions as I was developing the web pages.  What does somebody with internet access want?  When you are paying $20 per month for slow dial-up internet, you want a bargain.  You also want a lot of great information and quick page load times.  I also felt that people who paid for internet access would be fairly honest and able to pay.

These were theories that I came up with.  They were completely unproven.  I tried to get into our prospect’s head, and figure out what makes them tick.  But it was all just guess.  From these guesses, I did research to try to prove my theories one way or another, but generally we went with our guesses and they turned out to be scary in their accuracy.  I also based what my customers wanted on what I wanted from the product and business opportunity, and sold based on these ideas.

So we did benefit much from the radio ads, and the many people searching for information and a bargain on the internet.  We did also benefit from the ways we sold the product and did business on the internet.  We felt like pioneers.

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