Multi-Level Marketing Realities – Part 3

I now had several pages written in Front Page Express and they looked ok, so I bought some cheap web space from and uploaded my web pages using ftp.  FTP stands for file transfer protocol and is a semi-simple way to move files, i.e. web pages, from one computer to another.  So now I had the pages uploaded and I was testing them like crazy to make sure all the links worked, that there was no spelling errors, and that all the text made sense.  I was happy with what I had created, which pushed me to learning and trying even more new things.

I then started learning how to promote the new site.  Search engines, web directories, free for all links, classified advertisements, yellow page listings (on the internet), and however else I could promote the web pages for free.  I had no desire whatsoever to pay for advertising at this time.  I was actually just playing around trying new things.  Many of the things I tried, I am ashamed to say, I told my wife about after the fact.  Luckily, I did tell her about uploading the pages before we got our first call.

Within two weeks of uploading our pages and beginning to promote the webspace, which was at, we received our first order.  Holy crap!  This actually worked!?!  As I improved the pages and promoted them some more, we started getting a good trickle of calls for information and to place orders.

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