How To Get 15,000 Hits Per Day To Your Website

To be honest with you, I have no idea how much traffic we got to our e-commerce web site at its peak.  We were just doing a ton of business.  So much so we couldn’t keep up, let alone check our web stats.  At first I wanted to see where people were going on the site, so I did check, but after a while just fulfilling our customer orders and requests was about all we could do beyond taking care of our children and working a full time job.

I expect, though, that we were listed on the web directory with the most traffic at the time: Yahoo.  And, we were the only distributor of our product, which was an exceptionally popular product, on the Yahoo directory.  So the product was searched a ton and we were the only site other than the corporate site available to people who were searching.  So that is the key to getting a ton of traffic to your website: Have the only website for an extremely popular web search.  Good luck with that.

Other than that, traffic to your website will be based on having pages with information people want to find.  Perhaps not the only supplier of the information, and not the most popular search, but generally having information being searched.  The more pages you have with information people want, the more visitors your site will get.  Better yet, have your visitors build pages of information that other visitors will want to view, such as having a forum.  I once ran a directory that was extremely popular because people wanted free listings on it.  Too bad it didn’t generate a whole lot of income.

If you are giving away free samples or products, free web space, free information that people want, or free services that people want, vistors will flock to your site.  You just need to make sure it doesn’t require a whole lot of maintenance to take care of your visitors or you will find yourself very busy.  If you have good software, though, many of these web services can take care of themselves.  You just need to have purchased hosting that can handle the traffic you’ll get.

We were lucky and good, and had a business that made us money and that we could support.  If you work hard enough at promoting your site, you will also get lucky.  You just need to keep working at it for long enough.

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