A Salesperson Is A Problem Solver

Whether you act like a salesman or a recruiter, you are a problem solver. Objections to your product or opportunity are problems in the mind of the prospect and you are there to find some sort of agreement that can be made. For instance, if your prospect says that your product is too expensive you might be able to offer them a discount.

Typically, though, a deal should be a synergy. A synergy is something that works out better for both you and the customer than you originally imagined. This may not be possible in all cases but it is the goal.

I almost gave up once with a prospect who kept saying they had no money. This was a distributor prospect who needed something to make money but had no money to start with. I finally offered to allow them to show the catalog, call the company using my distributor number, and order for the customer with their credit card. Then he would send me the customer’s information, I would match it up with the order, then I would send him the commission. This was agreeable to him and ended up being a great way for him to find the money to sign up.

For product sales, the objection is sometimes cost or the risk that the product won’t work. It is easy enough to give an introductory discount or a guarantee to the customer to overcome their objection.

Getting a prospect’s objection is a good thing because it means that they are communicating with you. When they shut down and stop talking, the negotiation is over. Don’t give up when the prospect objects, it’s just the beginning.

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