Lose Weight Fast: How I Lost 23 Lbs In 3 Months

Brian Weight Loss

Brian in St Petersburg

Yes, I lost 23 lbs in 3 months time.  Got my A1C down a lot.  Added muscle.  You can lose weight fast too.  In this article I am going to tell you all about how I lost the weight quickly.  But first, what does this have to do with business?

I am a business writer after all.  The problem with business is that we are often working so hard and are so focused that we often lose track of the important things in our life.  Our families, our sidelines or hobbies, and our health.  Health is an important feedback loop because the more we neglect it, the more it impacts our business, and the more we neglect it.  It is important to pay attention to our health regardless of what else is going on in our life.  If we need an hour or two a day to take care of ourselves, do it.

Often taking care of our health is a positive feedback loop.  It gets us away from our daily wallow and often provides us with new ideas worth exploring.  It could be potentially the most productive time in our day.

Balance is also an important concept.  We need time daily for mind, body, and spirit.  So along with working hard, working on our health, we also need a little time to build our spirit and motivation.  Not the kind of motivation that keeps us charging up the hill against all odds, just motivation to keep positive about life and the people around us.

So now how did I lose weight fast?  Very unimpressive really.  I have been tracking my calories with myfitnesspal and noticed I was higher than desired on carbs but lower on fat and protein.  So I added fat, especially omega-3 fats, and do two protein shakes daily.  I also tried to keep my calories below 1500 a day, and treat every new day fresh without worrying about the previous day.  Diet is only one part though.

We recently moved to Arizona and we have been taking advantage of the mountain parks to hike a couple hours a day.  It has been very pleasant and the winter has been nice for hiking.  The weather is beginning to get warmer now, but we are still walking 12,000+ steps 3-4 times a week.  My wife and I use step trackers to make sure we get them in.

No crazy workouts.  No gym memberships.  Just simple diet and exercise.

I do notice on days we do not walk that my weight will tick up, so I depend on both diet and exercise to keep the needle moving down on the scale.  But again, I do not starve myself or do crazy physical things (yet).  I do feel better and my doctor is seriously encouraged.

How about you, have you been able to lose weight fast?

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Federal Tax Return: The Dread Of Filing My 1120

federal tax return - form 1120If you did not know by now, your United States C corporation 1120 federal tax return is due in April this year (2017) rather than March, assuming your business runs January through December.  Note that I am not a CPA so I am not an expert on all things taxes, I just know that Illinois and the Federal Government made this deadline change in 2017.  This does not mean that I am ready to file or pay, though I always have good intentions.

My main complaint with filing my 1120 is that it is busy work.  While it might be my only federal tax return that I file for the corporation, it is certainly not the only filing I make during the year, or the only paperwork that needs to be done.  I know, I know, the tax man needs his money, but it comes at the expense not only of cash, but of my time to do more financially productive things.  Here is an idea of all the busy work you must do with a corporation:

Business Accounting

Number one on my list of busy activities for the year is just keeping up with my accounting.  I generally enter income and expenses as the year goes on, but must review classifications, categories, proof, and more.  I try to do it on a monthly basis when I have time, but I often find myself multiple months behind.

State Filings

For the state, I have been filing an ST-1, which is for sales tax on our retail sales of goods, a corporate report, an 1120-IL, and various payroll filings.  I have few complaints about payroll because my payroll package takes care of most of it.  The ST-1 takes a while to compile data, though I am hoping it will be almost nothing in future years.

Federal Tax Return

For the federal government, the 1120 is the form.  The 1120 and 1120-IL depends on my accounting to be right.  I am often checking my accounting and making adjustments for a while before I actually fill out either form.  The 1120 is not difficult really, it is just all that leads up to it and being able to pay it on time that stresses me out.

Filing an Extension

Really cannot get your 1120 done on time?  The federal government requires you file a 6 month extension by filling out a form and sending it in.  In theory, you need to estimate your tax liability and pay it.  That can be difficult to do before the 1120 is done.

Other Busy Work

We hold stockholders and board of directors meetings once a year, and everything must be documented.  In addition, if you make major decisions during the year, the board must sign off on it or it may be a problem.  If you are your own stockholder, and your only director, this documentation is cumbersome but must be done to satisfy your requirements as a corporation.

I suppose this article wound up being one long complaint. There are pluses and minuses with all the busy work. The main minus is the time away from productive work that earns you a profit.  However, one plus is that it keeps you focused and organized.

How do you prepare for filling out your 1120 federal tax return and deal with all your corporate busy work?

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Business Problems: Dealing With Serious Issues

business problems - waiting for the crashI had a rough winter.  One that was only two years after my last rough winter.  And it has not gotten much better since.  Sure, we are getting by, but do not have enough business to get ahead.  We are still much better off than others in our same situation.  I am speaking of my consulting business.  By March/April, I have always been very busy, not this year.  Should I lay down and die, just be depressed, or is there another option?  There must be good ways to deal with business problems.

It is easy to do.  Wallow in self pity.  Be depressed about your situation.  But it is certainly not constructive.  Spending your time worrying about what is going to happen will not do anybody any good.  Instead, problem solve your situation.

So how do you problem solve your situation?

Define Your Problem

First, you must know what your business problems are.  For instance, I could say that I do not have enough work.  Or I could say that my billable rate is too low.  Or perhaps I could say that I am in the wrong business.  Any of these could potentially be true, but how do I want to frame my problem?

Collect Any Relevant Information

Measure any information you find to be relevant so that you can get a good picture of the way things are.

What Does The Perfect Situation Look Like?

Define, i.e. write down, what your perfect situation would look like.  Would I want to work from home?  Travel?  Employ others to do the billable work?  How does my perfect business look?

What Have Others Done In The Same Situation?

Research what other companies or individuals have done in the same situation.  Come up with 2 or 3 possible solutions to the problem, if that is possible.

Decide What Elements Are Important In Your Solution

Come up with specific features of your solution that will be important to you.  Perhaps making more money is important.  Perhaps spending more time at home.  Perhaps doing specific types of work.  List those features and rate them in importance against each other.

Rate Your Solutions Against Each Other

Rate each of your solutions based on the elements/features previously defined, weighted by the most important features.

Implement The Best Solution

Put the highest scoring solution into action.

Evaluate Your Solution

After implementation, make sure your solution is performing as desired and corrects your business problems.  If not, make adjustments and measure again.

Beat Your Head Against A Brick Wall

Sometimes, like in my situation, you must work at the difficult task of selling.  Some days are successful, some are miserable, but you need to keep working at it to keep your businesses growing or just going.  There may be no substitute for this hard work.  And putting in the work is a much better idea than wallowing in self pity.

Do not ever spend your time watching the ground come up at you, i.e. expecting a major crash, it is a much better idea to work your problem or work hard to get beyond your situation.

What do you do when things are challenging?

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Could Global Climate Change Actually Be A Hoax?

The Sun - Global Climate ChangeWe now live in a world of facts and alternative facts.  Just to make it clear, facts are true and non-facts are not true.  True and false.  Black and white.  Could facts turn out to be non-facts?  Sure, it is possible, but scientific truths, i.e. facts, are usually measured, tallied, counted, concrete, and iron.  They are the things we know, for a fact, are true.

A hypothesis, on the other hand, is a strong theory based on the facts that is likely.  There may or may not be a way to prove it absolutely true, but the facts point to it being true.  A scientific hypothesis is often backed up by other scientists, published in a journal, argued, debated, and open for discussion.

Why would I write about global climate change, being a business writer?  Because as business people, we often have to make tough decisions based on the facts.  If there can be two sets of facts, well then, how do you make good decisions?

I had a theory about why many people dispute global climate change.  It goes back to the Law of Attraction.  How people bring things into their lives through their thoughts, and how through collective thoughts, we shape our world.  Perhaps people believe that if enough people think that climate change is a hoax, perhaps climate change will not be real anymore.  Interesting twist on reality, but here is why it is wrong:

The Earth Is Flat

There was a time when most people believed that the earth was flat, that if you sailed far enough, you would fall off the edge.  Turns out this idea was false and having most people think it was true did not make it so.

The Universe Revolves Around The Earth

Again, once people started to believe that the earth was round (or specifically a sphere), they then believed that the universe revolved around the earth.  Turns out again, just because most people believed it to be true did not make it so.

Forces of nature tend to do their own thing regardless of people’s thoughts.

So back to reality as we know it.  I believe that forces of nature will not bend to collective thought.  Maybe there is hope that God will come back and make everything right?  Maybe He will, but until then it is up to the thinking beings He has created to deal with the messes they made.

Now back to the title of this article: Could Global Climate Change Actually Be A Hoax?  So what is a hoax?  A hoax is a deception, usually intentional, to spread false information.  We have been talking about fake news lately and while you could put all kinds of definitions into what fake news is, the worst is the kind that spreads false facts.  Facts that are not facts at all, but falsehoods, untruth.  Some news may put together their facts into a false conclusion, but the facts are still there.  Some news (perhaps all news) is biased, but it still bases itself on the facts.

The idea of Global Climate Change is based on scientific fact, collected by scientists all over the world, argued out in journals, almost universally agreed upon.  There is no doubt in the scientific community that the data collected shows average global temperatures increasing.  It is fact, it is not a hoax.  It is the best information we can possibly get, and we need to make decisions based on this information, not some alternate set of “facts”.

Now the idea that humans are the reason for Global Climate Change is another issue altogether.  It is a strong theory that human activity is the cause for more than half of the global warming observed.  This is a scientific theory that is agreed upon by most of the world’s scientists, after discussing, arguing, debating, publishing in journals, and so forth.  It is an exceptionally strong theory, the best you can possibly get.

So what do we do about it?  Can we do anything about it?  That is the issue now facing the world.  With all of these facts and truths, what will be done now?  Political will seems to be the biggest hurdle, especially with the new American President.  The President who believes in alternative facts and that our collective thought will solve problems like Global Climate Change.

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Get What You Want By Altering Your Thoughts

Jeff in thought

It is an interesting twist on reality.  Some believe that you create your world with the things you think and believe.  That you can bring wealth by believing you are a wealthy person.  That you can get your dream house by believing you already possess it.  I am here to tell you that it is true.  But how is that possible?

Some would say that the universe bends to your thoughts.  I am a little more pragmatic than that.  I believe magic exists in reality.  Not that magic is real, but sometimes reality can look magical, and sometimes it can be interpreted as magic.  Or perhaps as the universe giving you what you really want.

I do not see this as religion.  I just believe that your thought life can have a real impact on your real life.  That the things you think show up on your face.  That the way you deal with problems is impacted by the negative outcomes you think about.  Having a positive attitude in your thoughts shows outwardly to other people, and makes you more attractive.  People help people they like more than people they do not.  It could just be little things like making an introduction, or it could be bigger things like offering you your dream job.

We have established that thoughts can affect your world, or your outcomes, so how do you purposefully put this idea into action?  Here are a few steps you can take:

Figure out what you really want

If you do not know what you want, how do you know when you get it?  Decide what you want and put it on paper.  I expect this will be several things, like your dream home (be specific), a newer car, home furniture, cash (what balance would you like?), a successful business, etc.

Keep your list positive

If your list includes “pay off debt”, debt is what you will get.  Perhaps “large bank balance” would be a better idea, you could choose to pay off your debt with the cash in your bank.

Make sure you are specific enough

Read your list and make sure that you have been specific enough with each.  If you want a new car, what make and model?  What year?  What color?  What options?  Create as much detail as possible for each item on your list.

Create a dream board to post pictures of what you want

Put a bulletin board on your wall where you can see it every day.  For each item on your list, post a picture on your dream board.  Make sure to look at it daily.

Envision already having the items on your list

Meditate a little every day on the items on your list.  Can you see them?  Feel them?  Enjoy them?

Thank God or the universe for the items on your list daily

Part of “already having” your list is being thankful for them.  Be thankful for the blessing!

Expect that you will receive the items on your list

Be in positive expectation mode always.  You will receive the items on your list!  There is nothing you need to do to receive them.

I have a final thought for you.  What if this works?  If this works consistently, would money be necessary?  For example, money is a means to buy things or pay the bills, so if you can skip the money step, why not?  Think about it.

Have you ever used this idea?

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Ideas For Success In A Network Marketing Business

Big Texan

The Big Texan

I was thinking of making the title “How To Succeed In Business” because perhaps these tips could be applied to any business and not just in network marketing (or MLM).  Business is business right?  I am going to write and see if perhaps I come up with something unique to network marketing… if I do maybe I will rewrite a little… but in the mean time…

Have Your Own Brand

The first step to succeeding in business is to have your own brand.  If you are Joe, the XYZ distributor, you are promoting the XYZ company.  Create your own brand… perhaps Joe Smith, Network Marketing Coach, or Joe Smith Company; something to differentiate yourself from all the other distributors in your company.

Add Value

If you are just “You can buy from me too”, you are adding no value.  You must add some sort of value.  For instance, a while back we made great looking baskets and sold them as a product.  By reorganizing the product the way we did, we added value to the product.

If you do home delivery, write books, consult with other network marketers; you are adding value.  Perhaps extras that you could charge for.  The extras are definitely what customers want, otherwise they will just go for the lowest cost product the closest to home.

Have Your Own Product

In network marketing, we typically represent a company and its products but… we could potentially have our own product, such as a recipe book that features our products (for instance).  We have our own “Attraction Marketing” or “Black Box Recruiting” site, which is a service that is free, but it counts as a product itself.  You could also consider our blog a product.  Brainstorm to see what kinds of products you could offer to your customers or to others who might join your business.

Consider Your Image

Image is very important in business.  Having your own business name.  Positioning yourself as an expert.  Being uniquely an expert in something is even better.  Having a resume that people want to be associated with.  Not necessarily a Word resume, but accomplishments that you can point to.  If you do not have accomplishments that would relate, you can build lists of accomplishments over time.

Avoid negative things that could tarnish your image.  Treat your customers right.  Do not do illegal or unethical things.  Be prepared for challenges and consider your options carefully.

Make The Numbers Important

While all of the above are foundations of a good business, the numbers are your measurement of success.  Most importantly profit.  Profit is your businesses revenue (income) less expenses.  Without profit… at some point… no business can survive.

Cash flow is also an important measurement.  While sales is great (or commissions), keeping cash in your business is life or death.  Often we sell on credit, i.e. we invoice somebody, and if they take too long to pay that can be extremely stressful.  If we run out of money, we are out of business.

We can improve cash flow by selling at a certain margin.  Margin is the price sold less cost, divided by price sold… usually provided in percentage form.  For instance, an item that costs $10 sold at $15 has a 50% margin.  Many items are bought, or manufactured, at a very low cost and sold at a margin of 100% or more.  The higher the margin, the better.  Especially when you get to the point of having to cover a slow paying customer.

For instance, you sell to a customer for $10,000 monthly at 100% margin.  That means your cost is $5,000.  If they pay in 30 days, once they have paid the first time you have two month’s worth of cost covered.  So your business survives for two months before you need more cash (for example purposes only because we are not considering other expenses).  If your margin is lower, you have more risk of running into cash flow issues; if higher, you have less risk.  Your optimal margin is something that is different business to business.

Now if you are only earning commissions, margin does not mean much, you just need to keep your commissions well above your business expenses.

If you are using an accounting package like QuickBooks, you will want to keep an eye on your profit/loss statement and your cash flow statement.

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We Ended Our Retail Operation, Should You?

We used to be a big huge sellers on Amazon.  Big.  We had a basement warehouse and bought by the pallet fulls.  We used FBA on Amazon… sending in shipment after shipment of product.  In fact, at one time we had more product in the Amazon warehouse than in our own stock.

We also sold direct to consumer, which was a bit of business.  We sold locally by delivery and nationally by mail.

It sounds like we should have been rolling in cash but we were not.  Amazon was tricky because we sold a commodity product that others could also be selling.  Lowest price wins, and many sellers would sell for a loss.  So we took a different tactic, we started selling items that were soon to be discontinued or were already discontinued, buying up a large portion so we could outlast the other sellers.  Sometimes we won, sometimes we lost.  We gave away a lot of product that our buyers did not want.

Retail sales is filled with risk.  You have to be really good not to lose money doing it.  But it is also addictive because there can be a lot of activity.  When you end it, all that activity goes away, making you feel like you have no business.  Or making you feel like you are not profitable.  But I have news for you: We are just as profitable without retail sales as we were with it, because we were only breaking even.

What we got back from ending our retail operation is time.  Time to write, time to plan, time to do paperwork, time to have a life.  Our business is not overpowering our life now, we have time and options.

In network marketing, the dream is to have that commission check coming in month after month and being able to live your life on your own terms.  Yes, you still have to work but you can take a day off anytime if you like.  You can work from a beach in the Bahamas if you like.  You can do things big and small.  If you sell retail, whatever you do, your business limits your options.

If you do not sell retail, how do you build a business?  In network marketing, you buy product from your company for yourself and you find other people to sponsor, who will buy product for themselves and also find other people to sponsor.  Your commissions go up as your group gets bigger.  Again, there is work, but there is also options.  You can go on vacation without planning for a month about how do deal with your business while you are gone.

Is network marketing without retail right for you?  Please feel free to share your experience in the comments below.

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Why Network Marketing (MLM) Doesn’t Work For You

It is seriously irritating.  You see all of these successful people who do really well, often on a weekly basis, and you just cannot seem to sponsor consistently or build any kind of business.  In this article, I am going to give you some suggestions on what you might do differently in order to attract people into your business.  Perhaps some things you have not even considered.

Get a life

At one point, all I was doing is working hard at my business.  And as they say, all work and no play makes Johnny very dull.  Nobody wants to be around you if all you do is talk work.  All you know is work.  All you are is work.

Often the way to break this habit is to play golf, be in the moment at your children’s activities, travel, do something that adds to your subject matter rather than just work.  If you can talk to people about normal, common things, they will relate to you more.

Get more leads

The main reason most network marketers don’t sponsor is that they don’t have enough leads.  If you are still making a list, placing telephone calls, having meetings, etc., you need to worry less about sponsoring and worry more about finding new people to present your business opportunity to.

Reach beyond your warm market

If you aren’t getting enough new leads, perhaps it is time to reach beyond your warm market.  Often this means some sort of advertising.  Perhaps you can start by getting referrals from your warm market, but eventually you will run out… so time to start making new friends, handing out business cards, posting flyers, placing a classified ad, or some other way to reach people you do not know.

Put yourself in their shoes

Understanding your prospect begins with listening.  What do they really want and can your opportunity provide them with a solution?  How can it provide a solution?

Help others

This could mean many different things… But Zig Ziglar says you can have anything you want in life if you can help enough people get what they want.  So first: Do you have a struggling new distributor?  Help them sponsor their first person.  And their second.

Beyond this, you can help a neighbor or friend.  Be selfless.  Look for opportunities to be useful.  Don’t expect anything in return, just help.  Start or join a charity and end poverty.  Just do something to help others.

The result of helping will attract new friends, and in this business you cannot have too many.


Learn more about selling, sponsoring, accounting, self help, or any other subject that will help you personally or in your business life.  Spend a little time each week reading and learning.

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Other Ideas?

Please feel free to comment below if you have any other ideas that might be useful.


Declare Your Independence Day

July 4, 2015 in Gilbert, AZ

July 4, 2015 in Gilbert, AZ

Happy 4th of July to those of you who live in the United States.  Back 240 years our country declared its independence from England and set off on its own course, and the rest is history.  How about you?  Have you thought of declaring your own independence from your job?  Becoming your own boss and generating your own income rather than depend on a company you have no control over?  In this post I am going to tell you exactly how to be an entrepreneur so that you can work towards being an independent business person.

1. Find a product or service to sell

A business starts with a product or service that is in demand by customers.  Keep your eyes open for needs that people are having a hard time filling, this is a good clue.  Tune your mind to look for good opportunities.

2. Define your market

Who is your target customer?  Be very specific.  Is it the parents with kids living in the suburbs or the wealthy urban couples with no kids?  Consider many different factors and see what you can come up with.

3. Develop a strategy to reach your target market

Figure out how to advertise to your target market and how to ultimately sell them on your product or service.  What is important to them?  What features and benefits are they looking for?  Do they need service after the sale?

4. Create business processes to support your customers

Rather than just winging it, have written procedures for every function of your business.  How should customer service handle a call?  What should sales do when encountering resistance?  How should collections deal with slow paying customers?  Having written, fluid procedures will make things much easier.

5. Continuously improve your business

A good business never stops improving.  It looks for new products.  Looks to expand its market.  Seeks to make its customers happier.  Keep looking for ways to improve and make your business an outstanding enterprise over time.

So what do you think, is it time to declare your independence?

Getting Traffic In 2016 Is Not The Same As Getting Traffic In 1997

12345845_1124265154274240_1275585496_nBack in 1997, Yahoo was the king “search engine”.  Actually more of a directory… but today that directory is no more.  It was wonderful to be in the Yahoo directory without much competition, it is what made our business at the time take off to unimaginable heights.

Back in 1997, free for all links were great.  People wanted to discover new sites and they would click on all kinds of links.

In 2016, not so much.  People in the United States are much more social users of the internet.  People in other countries are still in discovery mode, but the US is tired of exploring.  We like what we like, no need to venture off.

With all that is different today, how does a new website get discovered, visited, and become popular?  Let us first take a look at the top 5 websites in the world, as organized by Alexa:

  1. Google – The most popular search engine
  2. Facebook – The most popular social network
  3. Youtube – A social network of videos
  4. Baidu – A Chinese Search Engine
  5. Yahoo – Mostly media, games, and email these days

The best thing you can do today to get traffic is to shoot for the top 3 above.  How do you do that?


It is easy enough to get listed on Google (add link here) but getting a lot of traffic from Google is kind of a trick, called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Is there a simple way to explain SEO?  Generally, Google goes out and look at your website pages and tries to figure out what is on them based on the text on the page.  That is part 1.  If you have 10 of a word on your page, chances are that Google will think that is relevant.  However, padding your site with many occurrences of a word will probably not do so well for that word, as Google checks for cheating tactics.

Part 2 of SEO is inbound links and social shares.  So if your website is linked to a lot from other websites, chances are you will get a little more recognized by Google.  Natural links are best but exchanging links or placing links on other popular websites can help.

We are still talking about Google, but you can see that having a social network presence, especially a public presence on Facebook (because it is #2 on Alexa), can really help you rank with Google.  So even before we talk about all the traffic you can get from Facebook, note that you can get more traffic from Google simply by having a Facebook site that includes links to your website.

Social Networks

Obviously Facebook is the most popular social network (based on their Alexa ranking), and you use it for one of two reasons, or possibly both:

  1. Get traffic from Facebook
  2. Get more traffic from Google by increasing your Google ranking with inbound links.

In both cases, you will want a public rather than a private profile.  A private profile is not indexed by Google and is not visible to the outside world, only within your group of friends.  If you have a private profile, you can create a public business page.  I have been using Facebook for a long time so my profile has always been private… but we added the business page a couple of years ago and made it public for traffic building.

If your strategy is to get traffic from Facebook, you will want to include more links.  Each post, or every few posts, should include a link to your website.  Over time you will get more and more traffic this way.  You will also get traffic from any links you include with your profile, though not as much.

If your goal is to get more traffic from Google from participating on Facebook, which is really my strategy, you do not really need to include links to your websites in your posts.  The links on your profile will do, you just need to consistently participate on Facebook.  You post every once in a while, you like other posts, you share other posts, you post blog stories from others, etc.  Just participate.

Participating on other social networks is similar.  For instance, Youtube allows you to post a link to your website as part of your profile.  You can include links on video or text posts or not, you can like and share other videos, etc.  The more inbound links to your Youtube profile, the more clout that link to your website will get, the more your Google Ranking will increase.  So it is extremely important to participate on Youtube or your social network of choice, not just sign up and leave it, regardless of your strategy.

Let us look down the Alexa rankings at other social networks:

There may be other social network sites in the top 100 but these are the ones I am most familiar with.  Any one of these can be a good choice to participate on, but note that there may be significant traffic differences between them.

Also understand that participating on a social network can be a serious time drain, so participating on 1 or 2 rather than 10 is probably a good idea.  In fact, participating on a single social network rather than even 2 can make you an expert at participating on that social network and make your efforts far more significant for traffic generation.

Other websites for inbound links

In the top 5 websites above, we still have Yahoo… but Yahoo no longer has a directory, they are mostly a media site. However, they do have Yahoo Answers, which is kind of a social network.  I have not used Yahoo Answers but I believe that some people use it for building inbound links… Let me know if you have used Yahoo Answers and if it is good for building inbound links in any way.

There are other strategies beyond using social networks that you can use:

However, nothing will be as good for traffic generation as participating on social media because of the sheer traffic available and the rank of social media sites to Google.

Amount of time

To build organic traffic it does take time.  Please do not expect that your site will be extremely popular overnight from your efforts, just keep working at it.

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